Micro Site & Landing Pages

Landing Pages & Micro Sites

Have you started a new business and need to quickly establish credibility? We specialize in creating quick, professional landing pages to make sure that as you lay the foundation for your new idea, you look good while you do it. Don’t have a logo yet for this landing page? We can expedite one for you with the landing page build out.

Your business can look real, established and reliable in no time. Laying the groundwork for a startup requires you to be nimble, which is why we understand that not only is quality important, but speediness as well. We’re equipped to quickly put together a logo, color scheme and launch landing page.

Landing Page / Micro Site

Need a quick landing page built to communicate to your soon-to-be audience? We can put together a fast, professional looking landing page to give your new audience a taste of who you are and what’s to come.

Cost of Service: $900-$3,500

Logo / Branding

Need a logo to establish quick credibility? We have a service here ready to whip up varied options for you to best associate your brand’s tone of voice. We’ll use this logo to set the tone for the landing page.

Cost of Service: $500-$2,000


Checkout examples of our work below. The nature of these kinds of pages is that they do not have a long shelf life, so we likely can’t show you links. The idea of these kinds of pages are to quickly pop up, present the first look at your new idea, and then swiftly be replaced by a fully functioning website. So below, we’ve showcased a few of our mockups and branding exercises to give you a taste of what you can achieve with your new business idea.